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Default Re: I think I'm gonna build a new bike.......

Some more progress today. I've got my front cargo racks finished.

Not quite finished. I still have to paint them. But that'll be later on tonight. I'll let them dry overnight.

I've taken to mounting a small rack, on either side of the wheel, just above the axle. This can be fitted to hold a U-lock and the tool kit. Plus I can hang a backpack from higher up and this rack holds it out where it's not going to interfere with the wheel.

I've already used this extensively on the bike I've been riding lately and I'm happy with the results. Getting that weight down as low as possible helps things a great deal.

front cargo mounts 01.jpg
front cargo mounts 02.jpg
front cargo mounts 03.jpg
front cargo mounts 04.jpg
front cargo mounts 05.jpg
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