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Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
The question is really how much would it have cost you to have someone else make it? I know machinist that charge at least $1 a minute...
Guessing here Dave. $150 to 200. It takes longer to set up then actually milling & turning the pc.

Just a side note, 3-in-ones suck for switching between operations! I need a mill. Might try to rig some thing and separate the mill portion. HMMMMM Old drill press.........

Originally Posted by Greg58 View Post
Dan, Dave what I was asking is how much $ he has spent on lathe, tools and school etc. It's like I've said about owning a travel trailer, it's not about getting your money's worth it's the fun and enjoyment that is priceless. The feeling of accomplishment is worth a lot.
Greg, I got a grant to go to school. That was $6,000 and altogether over $20,000. But was a bit at a time so not bad and really love this stuff.

Inch by inch. Row by row sorta deal.

But that is a $20,000 bushing, lol.
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