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Default In Accord to the Christmas Spirit just wanted to thank everyone here

And God bless this Forum!

the "other" one is good to ;-).

6 months now and my 4-stroke China Goped wannbee "Flea Hopper" is still hopping happy.

Seems she is well built (I'm presently surprised - and so greatful too!).

Coming from infinite ignorance - I've learned to be able to spot-check all bolts and reset those that are loose (almost lost my back sprocket 5 months ago do to "de-bolting"), change the oil and air up the tires. she gets 95 mpg/ with a top end of 20- mph (get 19 mph - still hoping to break the "Speed Barrier" so day.

Never had so much fun going to slow - seeing all sorts of stuff I miss when in a car in the same neighborhoods.

I think I'm infected and now want to get another "slow mover" - but afraid of my own mechanical ignorance will get me into a "Dead end" project.

I've got my eyes on this 4 wheel Pedalbike from Tractor Supply(some here link to it last summer in another post of mine (first time I saw it).

wondering if slapping on a HS-49cc would fit anywhere? (its back heavy already without motor - fron wheel lift off easy (seen in YT videos).

BTW my state qualifies 4 wheeled bikes with pedals as Quadracycles and so they are street legal - with or without motors up to 80cc.
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