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Default Re: Where can I get a new sprocket?

Yea I've got the stock 44t and it does really great on hills. Here in West Seattle there are very steep hills, and the bike went up all of them. My cruising speed is 20mph though, and I'm looking to commute 20 miles/day or maybe more so I'd like to go faster.

I wish I had this bike when I had my paper route when I was 10. My route had such crazy-steep hills that it seemed like I should have carried an ice-pick. I busted my ass climbing with my loaded bag of newspapers up and down steep hills for hours everyday, and the SeattleTimes newspaper was kind enough to give me an extra $6/month "hill pay" since my route took 3x's as long as the other routes due to the hills I had to endure. I think I made like $1/hour or something, child slavery is alive and well in the US! They got away with it because they made me an "independent contractor".

Back to the motorbicycling- So I need to go up and down steep hills, but I'd love to go 30mph. I think what I might do is buy a 36t sprocket and a new back wheel with tire and everything, and when I need to travel far I'll just put on the wheel with the 36t sprocket. When I need to carry a load or do lots of hills or something, I'll put on the other wheel. Anyone else do something like this?
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