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Default Re: Brake Poll -- Because sometimes you have to stop the fun!

I love the disc brakes on my TREK mtn bike but have had to replace the pads at 20$ per set, 40$ front and back. The way I like to ride it, I can see that I will have to replace them often. That leads me to believe disc brakes on a motor bike may need to be replaced even more often.

Having said that, I would love to have good hydraulic disc brakes on a motor bike. I love the ability to stop when needed. It takes skill to use a good set of brakes on any 2 wheeled means of transport. After all the miles I put on my pedal bike over the last 10 years, I've learned how the bike will handle with varying applications of good brakes. I have never tried to do a 'front wheel stand' on purpose, only 3 times I've done a 'front wheel stand' were out of necessity. Twice my feet stayed in my 'clip-less' pedals and when the rear wheel came back down I rode off. The other time, through instinct I guess, I stepped over the handle bars with my right foot and stood over them as I guided my bike to the ground kind of behind me. The lady whose dog ran in front of me was very happy that her dog was not hit and thanked me profusely. I just smiled and said that a leashed dog is a loved dog, got back on my bike and rode on home.

I guess my point is this, brakes must be able to stop you when your life, or someone else's life, depends on it. Or when you don't want to hurt the nice, clueless puppy dog.
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