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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
"ebike at the pumps FTW;" Har, lol BA.

Wow, 200 MPG. That is very cool. Really is an amazing piece of engineering.

When I get around to a proper ebike, gonna do a batt swap/solar thing. See if I can do off the grid entirely.

Never to early to prep for zombies!
Thankee Dan, ya prolly remember this lil gizmo but it's proved far handier then I thought it would be, threw it together outa scraps & leftovers jus' for the lols & now wonder how I ever managed without it? I should caution that if you haven't already the widgets, it's cheaper to buy one of those automotive "jump start packs" & a coupla photovoltaic panels, it's pretty much the same thing;

It's in no way practical to expect it to fully recharge the T3's 10ah LiFePO4 packs... it would eventually I s'pose, but it'd be filling a swimming pool w/a squirt gun lol but what it does do (other'n standalone ofc) is quite nicely offset even replenish all the juice the taddy provides for a campsite... or my house ...again (ah, winter in Maine).

With an inverter & all sortsa converters onboard I've every common voltage available, from 1.5DC (AA rechargeable etc) to 110AC, the T3 serving as the main power supply, the lil power pack above plugged into the taddy to trickle charge it back up during the daylight hours. Sure, I could run it dead I s'pose... but I've cranked the tunes (baby amp & subs inc), run lighting, recharged & run cam, unphone & laptop, 12v air compressor (mattress/tires) & w/e else any other happy camper needs some zot back into, for as long as a three (four) day weekend trip w/o any problems so far.

Even if I did manage to drain the power pack deaders (wouldn't be hard, the air comp is hungry), the taddy itself has an onboard 12v lighting & charging system (the four stroke's), which with another converter trickle charges the main LiFePO4 system. If that's still not enough I can put the T3 up on it's center stand, start the four smoker, drop it in gear & engage the ehub's regenerative braking - which is bypassed with an either/or switch (with or without brake lever) for exactly that reason.

I've not actually ever needed that last "taddy as a genny" setup, but I figured all the bits were already there so why not tinker 'em together - it tested out jus' ducky high idling in 3rd for about an hour or so, let's hope I never actually need it though because prolly zombies
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