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Originally Posted by Flyman View Post
I once was
a Amzoil dealer.I also raced Karts.Amzoil came out with there 100 to 1

In racing kart engines they run 20 to 1 & if you try to go much above that
watch out (ask me why).Well I was scared to run 100 to 1 so I mixed it
50to 1.Guess what, the engine stuck after lap two.
So you doubled the oil content for a fuel mix?

Anybody that knows two strokes knows that by doing so, you altered the AFR ratio, and thus altered it to the lean side, which is bad.

II'm sure your going to tell us that you accounted for that with hours of plug-chops and adjustments, but your statement about "2 laps" tells us that's not the case.

FYI, I put approximately 1,200 (70% of commute @ wot) on my first China girl this year. Broke in with opti2, and has never seen anything but recommended oil ratios

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