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Bud READ, READ, my past post before you jump me.I never said you can't I never said you should not.
I simply ask a question as to why would you want to use less lubrication
in your engine?SHOW me where your quote (You keep saying that people come on here and try to shove stuff on us)
Get your facts right & post a quote to where I said any of that)

Is it because you want a cleaner engine?You are not going to get any more
performance. I also went on to say these synthetic oils to day burn very clean
mix 25-1 30-1 as is.The funny thing is when I was in the racing kart business
I was a Amzoil dealer.I also sold Klotz & a number of racing oils.

When Amzoil came out with there 100 to 1 back then & just wanted to see if
it would indeed work.But as I have said also in the post above Kart engine run
on 20-1.So I mixed the 100-1 Amzoil 50-1 & planed on working up from there.

But even mixed at 50-1 the motor stuck.I had run that engine before & there was
noting wrong with it.One of the post above hit the nail on the head in saying different
engines require different ratios.Why do you think Amzoil makes so many different oils.

I just reported my testing with it.If it works for you great.But for me I want the exstra
lubricationI like Bel-Ray also & they have a 100-1 oil.But I,m using there H1-R racing oil.

You guys run what you like, to each his own.
Fly my last reply on this tread

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