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Greetings all in motor bike land. I am new to the forum. I have been motorcycling basically my whole life, road raced middle weight superbike for 3 seasons. Grew up on a bmx bike and then road bikes on and off for a decade. Living in Tucson Arizona I see motorized bikes everywhere and have been really wanting to build one. I have worked as a mechanic here and there thru life so I ordered a China girl, the 66cc Raw Racer. I plan on building the whole bike on the very light weight side of things. At the last bicycle shop i worked we built a record setting 6.3 lb road bike that now has over 10,000 miles on it, so it's a working proof of concept. After getting the motor and bike reliable I will work on shedding weight. Me and the bike haha. End goal is to get her under 40lbs and still be solid, reliable and aerodynamic. Well I will work on posting pics of the build, probably in the race section and look forward to contributing to the forum.
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