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Fly are you not doing what you are whining that others are doing? You keep saying that people come on here and try to shove this and that into peoples minds wanting them to go one way or another..... and yet you are here shouting the other way. Isn't that kind of like calling the kettle black?

Run what you run, and enjoy your motors. I am one of the opti2 guys, and I love it. Haven't had an issue with my motor all summer, riding 35 miles a day every day to and from work. I have my engine apart now working on doing some tuning here in the winter months. And to be honest nothing looks bad with the motor. I did break her down when I first got her and cleaned the crap out of the crank case and re oiled everything. She is still running like a top.

I have a buddy much like you that was warning me and saying it was crap and everything under the sun. But after riding my bike and seeing that my bike is still kicking and going strong his view has changed. It works for my bike and I will continue to use it.

Give it a shot or just let it go.... never understood coming on the internet and complaining about something, especially just to start a fight or what not.
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