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Originally Posted by scotto- View Post
The only 2-strokes I run as of late are CY 46cc chinese Zenoah clones.

( for the record my CY46's turn 18,000-22,000rpm maxed......seriously)
I am not familiar with the CY46's, but I have sure owned a bunch of Zenoahs. I fly giant scale RC airplanes and always liked running Lawn Boy Ashless oil in those at 32:1. The Lawn Boy ashless oil always seemed to burn fairly clean and not smoke out the guys in the pits while the plane is on the starter bench. I have also ran synthetic at 100:1 in a G23 as well without issue, but for example I am only spinning an 18X8 prop on a Zenoah G38 at around 8500 rpm and no where close to what you are spinning those CY46's up to on that bike. So I am not real certain how the Lawn Boy oil would hold up to those RPM's or even the synthetic as far as that goes. 22,000 rpm is really cranking and I doubt there are many in these forums cranking up those kind of rpm's. So what might perform great in an engine at lower rpm's may not perform at all in the same type engine spinning up to ballistic type rpm's.

My point being is that what may be good for one type engine running within a certain range and load might be disastrous in another type engine used for same application but at much different rpm's and load.

Kinda like saying that cheap 10-30w Wal-Mart oil works awesome in my roto-tiller...which it does, but I doubt my 4 cycle racing kart engine would hold up very long running that cheap stuff. In fact I am almost certain of it as I have seen it tried by others a few times with less then positive results. Not a good sound when you can hear a kart engine trying to sieze up due to improper lubrication.
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