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Default Been out of the 2stroke game for awhile...

Hey guys

I am thinking of getting back in the 2 stroke scene. I have a great frame, Dyno, (Thanks DMB), to work with!

I am either going to go with another Arrow race engine, or one of Fred's race engines. I believe both engines are built from a Grubee engine.

My question for you guys is, and this is going to make me sound like a newb, what drive chain can I use? I am so used to running either a #35 or#41 on my 4 strokes. I will more than likely use a Sportsmanflyer sprocket. I know his sprockets can use either a 415 or 41.

Sorry for sounding like newb...I promise I'm! Just been out of the 2 stroke scene for quite some time now and have not kept up with it.

Thanks in advance
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