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Originally Posted by scotto- View Post

A 5 year old engine with 55 hrs. on it doesn't really prove much. Put 550 hrs on an engine at that ratio and I'll be impressed.


Defiantly not all, but a lot of the engines being discussed here are 66cc china girls. I am not really sure if anyone has ever determined how many miles one should expect from one of these $100 engines? 100 hours or so may be the very best one should expect from a china girl...heck I don't know. However it would be quite sickening to only get 100 hours out of a Honda engine.

I used to rebuild a few K-Series Kohler engines for garden tractor restorations and general rule of thumb was around 800 hours in between rebuilds. So if you got more then that you was doing something well and if you had less...then it was time to find out what the guy getting all the hours out of his was doing.

So until the day we can determine a "standard" or expectation of what should be considered a good lifespan for a China Girl really is hard to judge. The best one can do in my opinion is find out what the high mileage guys are using and go with that. Easy to find guys using both high and low ratio mixes of synthetic and conventional oils getting plenty of good miles.

Personally I figure if I can get 2000 miles out of a $100 2 stroke engine and have to deal with very little smoke while racking up those miles...I will be quite satisfied.
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