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Question Re: 100:1 Mix

Personally I think running 100:1 of any kind of oil will gain you nothing but premature failure in the long run. I don't think real longevity is a factor here as the handful of people I hear running this oil at that ratio don't tell you how many hours they run their engines in 5 years.

A 5 year old engine with 55 hrs. on it doesn't really prove much. Put 550 hrs on an engine at that ratio and I'll be impressed.

A true test of how great Opti-2 is, would be to run it in a CY-46 (GP 460) for any length of time @ 100:1 and get back to me when it blows (seizes).

Someone here....make a believer outta me. I would never run less than 50:1 in any 2-stroke and how many engine manufacturers would agree with me?

What are the benefits of Opti2 really? Cheaper? Better? I'll stick to Maxima oils thank you very much.
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