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Default Re: [B]why haven't the 2 stroke kit designers thought of this?[/B]

Originally Posted by ebmvegan View Post
I agree with Hugh. It comes down to economics. It's an old design and it works. Changing it takes money. X's thought may have already been done, but not marketed because of cost maybe.
To really make this work the transmission items that make up this engine would have to be mirrored and modified slightly.

The clutch would have to be on the left side, the Mag and drive sprocket on the right. In other words a totally different engine.

The only thing required to make the engine run in the opposite direction:

Re-broach the magnet. That's all! 30 minutes tops.

I could see this working for one of the crank forward type bikes, like the OCC Schwinn, or the Spoiler, or the Jesse James, or any other crank forward bike that you guys know of.

The amount of work required to make it work for a conventional bike would likely negate the benefit. Reverse the engine in the frame of most bikes, and the angle of the chain would be so drastic, (sprocket back to pedal crank), that it would not even come close to clearing the engine case.


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