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Originally Posted by Flyman View Post
My question is WHY, do you want to run less lubrication? I once was
a Amzoil dealer.I also raced Karts.Amzoil came out with there 100 to 1

In racing kart engines they run 20 to 1 & if you try to go much above that
watch out (ask me why).Well I was scared to run 100 to 1 so I mixed it
50to 1.Guess what, the engine stuck after lap two.

Now ask your self why you want less lube in your engine?Is it cause you
want a cleaner burn?Well todays Synthetic oils are very clean at 32 to 1.
It is you call & engine.
Because it isn't how much oil you use, it's about the lubricating ability of the oil.

Like has been posted in this thread many times; if you don't want to use it, don't. But I would think it would be difficult to argue with the success rate of those who do.

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