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Default Re: Fill er up

Our motorized bicycles do sip fuel, but they are not really very fuel efficient. The two concepts are not necessarily the same.

Just to put it into perspective, my performance modded Harley Sportster 1200 gets 58 mpg. My Honda CT90 gets 100 mpg. That's the same mpg as my motorized bicycle, but the CT90 does it while traveling at twice the speed and being much more robust. Also, I haven't checked it but the Honda factory rated the CT90 at 170 mpg at a steady 25 miles per hour.
Lastly, my Cummins diesel powered Dodge 2500 truck can haul 10 motorized bicycles and their riders, while getting 22 mpg.
So while I enjoy riding and tinkering with my motorized bicycle, I'm not smug about it.
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