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Default Re: GEBE external tank

Painting the shroud should be fairly easy. I don't think it gets that hot and is more a guard. But high temp is good advise.
So could ruff it up with sand paper and spray with rattle can paint. There is a real art to that, but if ya don't like it, just do it again. Could leave the inside alone, me thinks. (They are black, right? will kinda disappear)

For a tank, lots and lots of options. Would be a cool build for a DIY "can tank." Easiest option would be water bottle holder, spare gas container. Like the regular ones on the down tube.

Can't be the first time it has come up with those engines for GEBE and would ask them if there are any pre made, bolt on options. Worth a shot, any way.

Which kit are you looking at, Tnxcuz?
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