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Default Re: GEBE external tank

Welcome Thxcuz to the exciting world of motorized bicycling! Ask Santa for a metric wrench & socket set if your serious about this hobby, and make sure to get some allen wrenches too! Its hard to beat the feeling you get rolling down the road (or sidewalks even) while astride a mechanized abomination you assembled with your own two hands! The sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, the chewy bugs in your teeth, the pronounced numbness in your hands and buttocks from motor vibrations, the buzzing sound of the engine assaulting your eardrums, even the carcinogeous stench of 2-stroke fuel, all of it captures the pioneer spirit of our ancestors when they mounted motors onto their bicycles cause their legs were tired of pushing pedals! Harken back to the age of 70 hour work weeks(no overtime or days off), handlebar mustaches and hula hoop dress skirts that reached the floor! Ah, the nostalgia, who needs the expense of antiseptic, sterilized, emasculated refinement embraced by today's modern motorcycles when you can do it for a fraction of the price? Kudos for joining us! If you possess any functional brain cells left (lets be honest here, if all this sounds like fun & a good idea, there MUST be something wrong with you), a helmut may be needed if you want them to remain undamaged.

Because it is an air cooled engine, it will get hot, so my recomendation is to use engine paint called VHT (Very High Tempature) available at most reputable auto parts stores for your motor shroud.

When I 1st painted my China Girl jug, I used 250 VHT paint, but after a dozen runs on it I noticed it blistering and flaking on the jug fins and blackening near the spark plug on the head. Since then I have used the 500 VHT paint (more expensive) and it has held up well.

I am not familliar with Gebe, but I suspect they are probibly comparable to a China Girl in regards to fuel economy, which is about 100 to 125 miles per gallon, perhaps even more. Unless you intend to embark on a trek exceeding an hour's journey, why would you need the extra range?
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