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Default GEBE external tank

I'm thinking about getting myself a GEBE but I'm concerned about the dinky gas tank. Is there a way to use a peanut tank?

I've been working a ton of overtime with the holidays and Ferguson (I'm an engineer at a st. Louis TV station). We're spending a ton on the kids this Christmas and I'll end up with a necktie and underwear. I recon I'd buy myself something. I was looking on cl for an old school moped but those can be a crapshoot. China Girl? I'm not that good of a mechanic yet. 4 stroke? Maybe. What I've wanted for years and what got me into researching this world mof motorized bicycle is the GEBE.

It costs more but I figure I'd spend the same amount fixing anything else I get. The only issue I have is the small tank and the fact that they are so awkward looking. When I do get one I hope to paint the engine shroud to match the bike. Can I do that?

Sorry if this post got a bit wordy.
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