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Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
Dunno if I posted this one in here before, but for those clear plastic type fuel lines and limited space, you can form them so they can have tight bends without kinking by first deciding where the line needs to be routed, then use a piece of 12 or 14 gauge solid copper wire as your mandrel...
slip the fuel line tubing (or any clear plastic type vinyl tubing that needs to be formed either for a neater appearance or to eliminate kinking) over the solid copper wire,

bend to the shape needed,

dip in boiling water for 30 seconds to 1 minute,

remove from the boiling water and let cool, cold water can be used to speed up cooling.

slide the tubing off the copper wire, a little WD40 really helps here if several bends are needed in the same piece or really tight bends are needed.

The tube will hold this shape and no kinks no matter how tight the bend is made.

I've done this on my Suzuki Intruder 1400 when it needed the fuel lines replaced and the factory lines are the only ones that'll work because of the really tight bends that were needed. I was able to do 90 and 180 degree bends at about a 1 inch bend radius using a section of 12 gauge solid strand wire and 5/16" tubing to make exact duplicates of the original lines. No kinks, they're shaped perfectly and hold their shape, and the tubing remains pliable and flexable as it was before bending.

This can be used for these bikes when a really short fuel line is needed with a really tight bend, or to make your vacuum lines on your car look really nice and neat... or whatever else you can think of.

Thanks for the tip!

I am thinking of using this so that a bend should have less crimp at a bend, that could take away from the inner diameter that would make more restrictive flow of the gravity feed in a fuel line.

I think I'll have to try this. Only I have had problems with some clear tubing from the hardware store made specially for gasoline, and it not sealing well on the connection. I have however found the black rubber lines compress and seal well with the worm gear drive strap hose clamps really good. I bet clear tubing is only going to take the bend and keep it as it has something to do with the kind of material the tubing is made of.

Any idea for a specific type of clear tubing that will hold the shape form and also seal well?


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