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Default Re: Made some people happy

Crassius I'm going to do the same thing to the front mount. The way I'm doing it makes both sides of the mount fit.the tube exactly so it's a good snug fit with lots of contact to the frame. I'll make sure I don't over tighten.

Blue Goat I have been impressed with the quality of the shift kit. The clamps that come with the kit are Napa u bolt exhaust clamps I did modify them to fit my frame. I used some soft steel to make shims to fit my frame tube. I took a 3/4" socket which measured 1" outside dia. And put it in a vise to bend it into the exhaust clamp. Then tac welded it. One of them I used JB Weld and it held fine. I filled any voids with JB weld top and bottom to smooth it out. Like you would use bondo and ground it down smooth. Then painted it black.
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