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Default Re: [B]why haven't the 2 stroke kit designers thought of this?[/B]

Originally Posted by x-soldat View Post
Was looking at my bike engine today and a thought hit me...If you simply turn the engine around (carb facing front wheel/exhaust manifold facing the rear) it would place the drive gear on the right side...This would allow you to run a freewheel system similar to the one available at SBP without the need for a jack shaft kit...obviously there are some engineering challenges, i.e. mounting hardware and exhaust, but it doesn't seem to be that hard to fix...also the innards would need to be re engineered so that you aren't doing 30mph in if it was to be used on a single speed bike it would still solve problems, such as eliminating the need for a rag mount sprocket, having wheels that stay trued would fix allot of the noticeable vibration...WTF?
If you turn the motor around, that would make the sprockets run in reverse.
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