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Default Re: I think I'm gonna build a new bike.......

I made the front stay for the front fender tonight after work.

front fender stays, both.jpg

From what I can see, it's standard to mount the torque arm for the drum brake parallel with the fork and right up against it.

I couldn't do that, though, because the strut that forms my fender stay anchor points plus the foundation for my front cargo rack is in the way.

So I made a torque arm bracket that sits the torque arm back further away from the fork. This gave me the clearance I need.

And I feel pretty confident that this'll work fine. But I've never owned a drum brake before and I know nothing about them other than what I can figure out on my own. about the drum brake people here? Do you have any concerns about this?

If so, please do let me know. Thanks.

brake torque arm clamp 01.jpg
brake torque arm clamp 02.jpg
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