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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

same here in Texas... warm one day then in the low 40's the next... I'll ride when it's cold, but when it's cold and wet the bike stays parked...
Well, I got my clutch situation to a more acceptable setup, it has the centrifugal installed but I went ahead and left the manual clutch functional for more control of take off rpm, it can take off from a dead stop just fine with just the centrifugal, but it still engages too soon for a strong take off, but I can hold the manual clutch in and feather it out to give a decent strong take off, but for normal riding it's nice because the manual clutch is now out of the way of the brakes so quick stops are a lot safer and the engine stays running, the automatic take off from the centrifugal is really nice and no need to pedal assist. I did readjust the manual clutch so it engages more like a motorcycle clutch but it wouldn't completely disengage in the locked out position so I set it up so it's fully disengaged when locked out, moved the lever out of the way of the brake, and all is good... for now. The next thing I'll do is shorten the clutch arm at the engine, this will make the clutch a little stiffer at the lever but it should disengage when locked out but still engage well before the lever is fully out. I may also take the clutch shoes off again and drill larger holes (and more holes) thru the weights until it engages at a higher rpm, then it should take off stronger without manual clutch assistance.
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