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Default Re: Vibration and Noise contol

hey I've been putting a heavy cork filled gasket material on the inside of the clutch cover using auto upholstery spray glue and this seems to quiet down the noise from the gears. I have also used contact cement with good results.
This dampens the noise and you can't see it so if you don't want to spoil the look of that nice rough cast metal cover give it a try.
You will maybe have to cut out clearance hole for the center of the clutch and for the small gear and I don't worry if it should come loose as the gears will eat it with out any problem except you will find a pile of shi under the cover but so far I haven't. Another thing a guy could try is the undercoating spray and do just the inside of the cover may not work but cheap and easy to do.
something else to try spray foam insulation on the inside of the clutch cover then sand and carve out the excess.
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