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Default Re: Will these handlebars hold up?

you people wanting to dampen the vibs in the bars can do something kind of on the cheap but most will frown on this as its quite DANGEROUS.
fill the bars with melted lead you can get this at most tire stores in the form of wheel weights and lead can be melted in a steel pot over an electric stove or with a propane torch.
plug one end with a little dirt tip up on end so you can pour it and melt and pour it into the bars.
if you don't want to fill the bars then run in a plug to the depth you want and fill just the ends let them cool off and try them out.
Try to do all this out side in a well ventilated area and off the cement and in the dirt melted metal will do mean and nasty thing to cement and flesh not to mention the fumes can damage your brain but if we had any brains we would all be building and riding motorcycles and not these bicycles.
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