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Default Re: This one crazy hobby

It is true that all of the different opinions and approaches can be confusing. But it is also liberating. There are so many ways to do a build... and when we look back into the early days of bicycles becoming motored and eventually morphing into motorcycles it is almost dizzying to see how many different ideas were floating around on how to go about things. And not just in the U.S.A., but all over the world. So many little companies were popping up like mushrooms in the night. Most disappeared pretty quickly, just as with early automobiles, but there were a lot of manufacturers finding customers. Gradually our choices became more limited in motored transport. In time the U.S. motorcycles came down to Indian and Harley Davidson dominating the market until Indian disappeared as well. In automobiles people forgot the names Hudson and Kaiser, Nash and Cord, Willys and Studebaker. Desoto once again became the name of a Spanish explorer and was forgotten as a vehicle. Now we have precious few choices and it seems that even with all of the imports so many brands look and essentially are the same.

And that is one of the reasons I personally find this "hobby" (funny, but I don't like that word in reference to my bike building passion as it sounds frivolous, silly... putting motors on bicycles)... why I find this activity so liberating. Like those early back yard mechanics who made their own machines and rode off into the sunset on them, I get to do the same thing. I get to decide if my ride is going to have friction drive or chain or belt. I can choose what motor I want: gas or electric, 2 stroke, four stroke, big displacement or small. I can make it to fit my needs, preferences, budget and skill set. And I can make it mine with the power of imagination.

It is confusing until you get your bearings and then it turns into a lot of fun and maybe even a way of life to one degree or another. For this old fellow it has become a pretty big deal and I am the richer for it.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...

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