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Default Re: This one crazy hobby

I really do understand your point, Fly. It can be confusing and even daunting with all the different approaches. When I first got into this, had never touched a 2 stroke. Back then, when ya ordered a kit, ya waited 2 weeks at the earliest for it to arrive. I was so excited I read everything I could find. LOL, I wanted to throw wrenches after finding all the thoughts on mixing oil. (which I had just learned was necessary)

There was only one kind of carb for the China Girls/HTs. And still about a hundred differing opinions.

Much later, the "great master link wars" of ott '08 lol.

But really is confusing for someone new to this.

The absolute best thing for someone considering or that are new to this is to go to a group ride. motorized bicycle folks really are great and fun to hang out with. But just the real life, seeing em in action is night and day better than trying to figure out the nuances of a mechanical devise via text and pictures.

The best advise I have ever heard on the oil thing was from BA. "Follow the directions on the container" Of course, ya gotta pick your poison first. Which is yet another debate. But all the advice here is good and it will work. Any bad advise is quickly questioned but ya can rely on most, if not all the popularly endorsed approaches. (lol, and I will be disagreed with for that)

I can not recommend this enough. Find a park near ya and post a get-together in the events section. Great fun and learning experience. And ya get to see the varying concepts in action.
Most of the fuel filters will be upside down. Is kinda a thing with us folks.

Just my opinion. (hehe)
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