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I'm unsure of the combination only what I could afford and hope to configure but it should work well from what I've found from reviews. It was the least with the most potential the frame is stamped with the information could be recovered from that documentation if you would like the letter and position of the numbers I will forward it if you are interested.
I'm told it's a late 1930 Ward one of the originals likely rare by this time and from the looks of it it's not surprising it is a steel frame with factory mistakes in fabrication,my estimate or it was originally a motorbike .Well I'll add to the review I've managed to complete the drive chain assembly which took far longer to reach than I'd expected. Running ultra light yet tough and inexpensive Bell 300 chain sets they appear to fit the best on this setup for some reason I'm unsure. I've found they are tough due the pins are hardened steel the stainless 3/16 " and the 415 420 all are soft pin chains unless your spending.So with that I'll hope to post it rolling in a video before Christmas.

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