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Wink Re: 3D printed in-frame plastic gas tanks

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
It is certainly worth looking into getting my design fabricated, but the bottom line is I just want reasonably priced gas tanks.

This is the bike with the seat and bars adjusted to ideal for ~6" rider and ready for any non-manual clutch engine with really nice independent front and rear caliper brakes that deserves better than a P-nut tank.

Not to distract from the topic but man that bike has one scary looking front fork, those smashed tube pivot points break easy enough on their own, rust sure can't improve their performance.

Anyway, my tank is wider, 7" to carry more fuel, I'll see if he can just throw a couple of bends in the sides like this so it doesn't look like a board tracker.

That's unique enough for me, and with the right paint job for the bike it should look pretty good for a staple build ;-}
A 6" rider? That must be one tiny bike ;-}

Staple build = cookie cutter build ;-}

Ditching the P-nut tank is a big step in making a build look somewhat're headed in the right direction now ;-}

Heard about the new 5-stroke that's out now?
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