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Default Re: I think I'm gonna build a new bike.......

The tires I ordered for this bicycle arrived today.
New rear wheel and studded tire.jpg

I suppose ice season could be over by the time I get this bike up and really running. But that's okay. These tires can wait until next winter.

Further progress today. I got the rear cargo rack and fender installed. Not quite completely. There's still a few places I want to add bolts for a bit more strength. But my wife's trying to get to sleep, so I'll knock off the drilling and hacksawing for tonight.

I also still have to build the outer frame that mounts onto the rack and actually holds onto my duffel bag. But that's a small matter. I'll be able to knock it out tomorrow in short order.

After I rest my back a bit I'll be heading back downstairs. I'll disassemble this and paint those struts that hold it all together.
Rear rack and fender 01.jpg
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