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Default Obligatory Greetings

I just signed up here to ask ThatsDax some questions, still waiting on his reply (it's been maybe two minutes)
I live in Ontario and my Bike is a Schwinn OCC Stingray Because the kid on Kijiji had no idea it was worth more than 150 dollars. no engine yet but thanks to lurking here is have already sought out and purchased a motor mount from Barry on Ebay (got his exhaust too) grabbed a sprocket adapter from as well.

Now for the part of this post that calls myself out for naivety: I have no real previous mechanical experience (changed some spark plugs on a Toyota once... also Legos) and I plan to use this bike as a daily driver once summer rolls around.

PedalChoppers Three speed Jokey-shift kit is already earmarked for if i win the lottery.
and in conclusion, this forum has some really cool emoticons!

Here's hoping my experience with the bike and this forum are as awesome as y'all make it look, Have a fantastic evening!
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