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Default Re: I think I'm gonna build a new bike.......

My rear wheel has arrived. I bought two of them, actually, since they're only $29 from Husky Bicycle. This way when the first one gets out of true, then I'll slap the second one on and start truing the first one.

I put the first one on the truing stand and then found that my spoke wrenches are not large enough for the nipples on 12 ga. spokes. No matter, for the time being, since the wheel is almost perfectly true. But I guess I'd better get a larger spoke wrench.

For anyone who's interested, this is a pretty cheap and useful truing stand. I've forgotten how much I paid for the dial caliper. It must have been twenty years ago. But it wasn't much. For the accuracy that we need in this application, bargain basement stuff is good enough. The rest of the materials were practically no-cost.

One advantage of this design is that you can 'stress' the spokes while the wheel is still in the stand.

New rear wheel on truing stand.jpg
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