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Default Re: My third wreck due to "issues" with bike

Yeah, but it didn't last 3 tanks of gas. The wrist pin bearing cage gave loose and dropped a few needles into the crankcase. I lucked out when it happened, was cruising slow when I heard/felt the piston tapping the head so I shut it down immediately & peddled home. It never sucked anything past the transfers so my top end survived with only light witness marks on the piston crown where it kissed the squish ring. I think I can sand & polish them out.

Bike has been on the back burner all summer long with electrical gremlins plaguing it, I made the mistake of using solid core copper wires when I SHOULD have went with stranded. Solid wires don't like to live in an environment where they are subjected to lots of bending (such as handlebars) and now I have shorts in my lighting. So this winter I'm having to rip out nearly everything and start all over again.
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