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Default Re: My third wreck due to "issues" with bike

I think what is meant to put the tensioner on the pedal side is to shorten the drive chain to the shortest you can get away with, adjust the wheel to fit it just right, then use the tensioner on the pedal chain to take up any slack. If your dropouts are rearward open(axle slides in from behind), I'd recommend banjo bolts to center & lock in the axle. My Skyhawk GT2 frame is set up like that & I use banjo bolts on mine. If the dropouts are forwards open(axle slides in from below diagonally), you might try grinding a flat spot on the backside for the banjos to hold, but that may weaken the structural integrity that could lead to breakage on a pothole or hopping off a curb, leading yet to another crash, not to mention the death of the frame.

I've had the nut on the magneto come loose and back off, it dented the mag cover & litterally locked up my motor. I thought it seized on me. Lucky I was only riding slow at the time, at full throttle it may have busted the cover open or lock up the back tire at speed. This was before I used locktite blue on everything.
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