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Default Re: My third wreck due to "issues" with bike

Are you saying my English speaking not so typed correctly is understand difficult?

LOL, you should see my attempts at spelling before spellcheck.

Yes, that is what I am saying. Used to drive me insane with the set screws on 4 stroke shafts until I figured it out. But is universally the same with any tapped hole. When tapping, cutting fluid is used. It is very light and likes to hide & linger in the valleys.

The best method I have found to keep a bolt from wandering out (besides wiring) is WD40. Just clean it out. Works just fine and I rarely use loctite or the like but will put a dab of muffler sealer in if a tube is close by. Is cheaper and works with out making it difficult to remove later.

Not advice, just what I do.


I'm with ya, Redneck. Slotted any thing is just a pain and really dunno why, aside from ease of manufacture,there still is or are slotted head anything. Maybe some sort of adjustments to slow ya down. But other than that, just an annoyance.
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