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Default Re: "Flying Eagle", ever heard of one?

I'll see what i can do this weekend to dig it out and take some pictures, and gather the numbers off the frame. It's a fairly cool bike, i was hoping my daughter would take it to school with her, but she wants something modern. I just found it odd that i can't google/bing/yahoo the slightest information on it.

The previous owner did some sort of faux patena on it, so it's no longer "original", but the guy did a really good job making it look awesome. I kinda over paid for it at $80 bucks, but if i decide to go forward as this bike being my donor, it'll work out great, and i'm going to try to keep all/most of this paint and patina. With the right peices and parts in just the right places, i'll be able to hide my add ons and continue with the theme.

Thanks for the replies. I'm not a member on that other site, but i'll check it out, maybe go post over there myself if their friendly to noob questions.
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