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Default Re: Daily driver?

I think most of us have found out that nothing ever goes wrong untill yer at least 6 or 8 miles away from the tool box. Yeah, ya ride it around the block a few times and everythings cool. so yer on yer way to grandma's house on the other side of town and the chain falls off, wraps up in yer wheel, breaking a couple spokes in the process. AND ya probably got a flat while skidding to a stop cause the stupid chain locked up the rear wheel. And oh yeah I almost forgot, Ya almost always loose the master link in the dirt and gravel on the raod, NEVER to be found!!! The most important tool I carry is my cell phone. I left without it one time, and after sitting on the side of the road for an hour or two I was wishing I had sharpend my knife better so I could slice my wrist. FINALLY, some dude stopped and let me use his phone. when my buddy showed up in his van I would have kissed him if he wasn't so butt ugly. He looks a lot like me.
Two words people..... CELL PHONE. Dont leave home without it.
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