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Default What kit is good for me?

Hello everyone. wondering if you can help me out picking out a kit.

This bike is for training for our bike racing team. We need a bike to comfortable hold around 35mph for hours. We will be drafting behind the motor. we originally wanted a electric bike so we are not sucking exhaust fumes, but getting that speed and distance is 1 big expensive battery. we are hoping we can point the exhaust down, so we can avoid inhaling fumes. we are concerned about holding speed, rather than acceleration. this bike is for open roads(the flatest we can find)and on our velodrome.

motor kit that can comfortable hold 35mph. maybe quick burst of 40mph. acceleration is not a concern, holding speed is what is important.
Budget is a concern. the lower the better.
over gear the bike to hold speed?
we need a reliable motor, as we will be using 2-3x per week.
I think the motor in a frame is better for center of gravity, as our veldrome is 44 degrees of banking.

your thoughts on what kit is good for me?

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