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Default Re: 3D printed in-frame plastic gas tanks

Originally Posted by joey1320 View Post
You can find local 3d printers who would make this type of project for a fraction of that quoted cost.
Well ya, $6,800 to print out one tank is beyond outrageous.

I am waiting on a quote from another local guy that does form and roll molding as well as dip molding but then there is the tooling for the mold.

Now I can see paying $1-2K for tooling a mold good for 100 units or so, but that's another rub, how long the mold will last, they can be made from many different substances from 1 time use to hundreds of uses to thousands of uses each costing more because of the material it is made of and the cost to tool it.

More as I learn more as this is all new to me.
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