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Default I think I'm gonna build a new bike.......

As a matter of fact, I just know I'm gonna do it. I've already started, for that matter. And since I hope to accomplish something unusual I'll go ahead and do a build thread.

I'm going to follow the lead of Intrepid Wheelwoman. She's been working on a 'faux Rudge'. The moment that thread appeared I had the urge to do something similar.

So I've chosen this bike to be the one that I'm paying tribute to.
1940 Victoria.jpg

It's a 1940 Victoria. I'm only aware of this bike through the good graces of Ludwig II and his wonderful threads with photos of vintage motorbikes.

I don't stand a chance of copying that bike. Not even single components. But I hope to come up with something that gives the same 'aura'.

My last bike was a single speed with coaster brake. I appreciated the extra braking power (coaster plus two rim brakes), but I missed having gears on the pedal drive. I think I've come up with a solution. This bike will have gears and a derrailleur. And it will have double rim brakes on each wheel.

I'll have dual-pull brake levers for each hand. Each dual pull will operate one brake on the front and one brake on the rear.

Mounting double brakes took some simple mods.
Front double brake.jpg
Front double brake 2.jpg
Rear double brake 01.jpg
Rear double brake 02.jpg

The 'trailing' rear brake might be a bit soft because of the torque from the wheel added to it's long mount. I'm not too worried since I ride these bikes pretty gently. But hot-rodders be warned: this set-up might not handle real stress all that well.
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