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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Well, I had enough time to get the bike back together after lightening up the clutch weights but it still stalls at a rather low rpm... I might have gained another 500 rpm before engagement if even that... There's a total of 12 holes drilled thru the weights... 3 around the perimeter and 1 closer to the base where it's not as effective, but still has some effect, but every little bit counts... I got enough room to drill 2 more holes in each weight so I'll do that as well as enlarge the existing holes as much as I can get away with tomorrow if it's slow.
The spring is also really tough and it took some effort getting it back on so I thought I may get at least 750 to 1000 more rpm before engagement but it's engaging at around 1500 right now.
I still have a few other tricks up my sleeve but I'll have to wait til tomorrow to see if I can do them. I'm thinking since this engine is pretty strong on the low end the way I got it set up now if I can get the engagement to start just over 2000 rpm and fully lock up at around 2500 it would be just right... Right now it's really good at doing burnouts in the shop but the take off is still a bit weaker than it could be.
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