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Default Re: 3D printed in-frame plastic gas tanks

Originally Posted by MotoMagz View Post
That price isn't bad...after all the tooling is done the product price is cheap.Just the start up cost is what stops people really quick! Its very hard to get that start up cost back and then make any profit.
That's just it, there is no tooling in 3D printing, I am supplying the .STL CAD file of printing instructions.

The expensive part is the material, there are only a couple of Polyethylene plastic (HDPE, MDPE) that get a B grade for gas and
STRATASYS says PPSF / PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone) is the gasoline-resistant 3D-printing medium you need: (scroll down to the last material)

That means a special large 3D printer to handle it and apparently it's not cheap.

I do have the option to have a mold made from the .STL and then have them injection molded, but again I'd need to make to make a couple hundred just to break even.
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