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Default Re: Call out from Seattle

Originally Posted by graveltrapp View Post
Recent lurker but ready to take the project on. Looking at a kit from gasbike (Silver flying horse with cnc front mount???). Worked for 10 years in the Bicycle industry and have always been into mopeds, dirt bikes, RC cars, etc. In the last few years, I was bitten by the vintage Japanese car movement.
Hope to hook up with some other like minders.

Was gud, got any tips for a 11 year Virginian who is now a 5 year Seattlite?

I'm a sign spinner probably have been seen around, I have been talking to my wife for like two years on building a motorized bike, came from driving big lifted Ford's, as a kid was kinda a peel out type of guy but when I met my wife my countryness to back seat to my city girl. I have done alot, lost lot and gained a lot and concider my self a proud concity boy now with the help of my wife. I've grown up a lot and really prefer not to own a truck or car anymore so I want to design my first motorized bicycle, as I am very extremely mechanically inclined due to my country upbringing. Tooling and burning paint is my true field of study. As a man my wife cannot understand why I still want to do this and looks at me crazy, on the other hand, I have been vehicless for three years providing on FOOT self employed hauling a*** loads of cans and scrap on bicycles.

Now I have a new job, and I just want to put my self back into the respectiqble road world in which I love as the whole time she has had her own vehicle. She does not catch the bus nor walk little of no where so this is more of a "man thing" to maintain sanity.

Any who if you or ANYONE ELSE can give me a tip on how to install a cheap weed eater motor on my brand new HUFFY I got for Christmas from my mom's>.>.... I would be greatful, here's the break down of what I want and need.

Manditory requirements:

1) must require no welding, as I rather just put the motor in the water bottle screw hole place.

2) must achieve at least 45mph on flat surface with fast off the line speed.

3) must be at least 49cc stroked out to a max of 80cc if possiable.


NOW with that being said I wish to mount it in the center of the bike, pull cord is possiable only if it starts first pull other then that I'll take lower speeds if I can run on in traffic.

I am also not limited to pedal start, my new bike is harder to pedal then my hand built scrapper bikes. It seems a little harder to push on then past rigs which I've built, it has a decent coast but requires a lot of power then my old raggity rigs.

.help meme instead ofof as I like to
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