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Originally Posted by KarenH View Post
Is there a specialized tool kit for sale for motorized bikes or are you better off to just put one together?
I don't know of any tool kits especially packaged for MBs. But there's multi-tools and such meant for bicycles in general. I don't doubt that they're handy. But I haven't found the need. I prefer a tool kit with the tools that I choose.

My suggestion would be to start with a set of metric wrenches sized from 8mm to 15 mm. You'll find that you don't use some of them much at all (11 mm, for example). So you'll take those out to save weight sooner or later. You'll also want a folding set of metric Allen wrenches. A screwdriver. And I carry a strip of steel 1/2 w by 1/8 thick by about 6 inches long. This makes a fine prybar to use against your axle in order to set that at just the right spot in the dropouts.

As far as the OPs question goes, I'm seeing some very good suggestions above. I don't necessarily carry all that stuff myself. But that'll be a matter of individual taste. Just which repairs one is willing to do by himself on the road. I keep that down to pretty simple stuff, myself.

If you get to know your bike you won't get stranded very often. And I'm willing to walk home and then drive back and pick up the bike on those occasions when something goes wrong and my toolkit is not up to the task. It's actually pretty rare.

I concern myself more with carrying the right clothes plus having some more cargo space for picking up groceries or other odds and ends. During some times of the year it means carrying a fair amount of clothing in order to have what's just right for changing weather.
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