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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by WECSOG View Post
That's the problem: the huge majority of people neither know nor care about motorized bicycles. In a democracy, it is easy for politicians and "news" outlets (no doubt in the pockets of big insurance companies, etc.) to spin a story to that majority that we are somehow cheating them by having unlicensed, uninsured, unregistered, uninspected, non-EPA-approved vehicles.

We are the illegal aliens. We are the Gypsies.
Yup... as well as all the laws they slip in without the public even noticing, but yeah, all it takes in one good crash caught on film and the media as well as the politicians will run with it. I know it's a constant battle just to own a sportbike because some squid wearing shorts, flip flops, tank top and no helmet wrecked and got killed going 160 mph down a busy road so they want to outlaw all of those type bikes or limit their top speeds or limit the horsepower.
Same thing happened with skateboards in the late 80's where they've been pretty much outlawed everywhere except for your own property, then when pocketbikes bewcame popular, they were quickly outlawwed as well... after some irresponsible parents let their 6 year old kid ride on the streets unsupervised so it ruins it for everyone. Now it's the motorized bikes under attack by the politicians and media is next... if not already under attack by the media in other places.

Basically, if it's fun and it becomes popular, let's outlaw it...
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