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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Had some free time at the shop today so I finished the centrifugal clutch install... The clutch works really well but engages just above idle so dead stop take offs are a bit slow, I may look for a stiffer spring and try that... it would be a lot better if it engaged about 1000 rpm higher also because the bike will idle on the kickstand but the clutch does grab just enough that I can feel the bike lunging forward, but not enough to push off the kick stand. Bringing the idle speed down helped the problem but not sure if it'll idle that low befor the engine is warmed up. The bike can be bump started, pedal started, or pull started with this clutch installed thanks to the one way bearing so I'll still need to come up with a way to lock the clutch in the disengaged position in case pedaling is needed. The bike has plenty enough power down low to take off without pedal assistance so that's not a problem, but walking it thru the garage etc does require lifting the rear wheel off the ground so a "neutral lock" would be nice.
Now I remember why I chose not to install it before... the pedal hits now so I need to either put a double bend on the crank like I did on the other side to clear the pull start or just go ahead and order up a wide crank setup.

So far the pro's of the centrifugal clutch are easy take offs, easy stops no need to use one brake and the clutch to keep the engine running, and the cons are it engages too early, and the bike can't be pushed with the engine off without lifting the rear wheel off the ground, as well as pedal clearance can be a problem.

Didn't see the guy with the Stingray today but he'll be coming back to the shop for more work on his truck soon, and he may drop it off this week when he gets off work. I know he really wants to see it with that Morini engine installed...
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