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Default Re: Skull and Bones cruiser with a radical frame failure.

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
No welding, although a coupla tacks are handy... jus' need to get your own clamp one size over & some pipe (any hardware store) that's "close enough" as you can bend to fit if needful;
Something like that was exactly what I was thinking too... some extra metal to spread the load and take the wear so the U bolt can't saw thru the frame would have prevented that... A 1" wide section of the right size pipe could be split and installed between the frame and the U bolt, or it could be brazed into place, then temp install the engine and tack the U bolt, remove the engine and braze the U bolt to lock it in place, this would eliminate the wear caused by the engine vibration as well as eliminate a lot of the vibes from transferring thru the frame and into the seat and grips...
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