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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Today I finally rode mine again after it sat for weeks because I just didn't have time to hop on and go for a ride... I usually take the Sportster in the morning after I get to the shop to make my breakfast runs on but I didn't feel like opening up the big doors to get it out of the shop so I grabbed the bike and pushed it out thru the office, gave the pull start a good pull and let it warm up, then off I was to the store down the street. The bike accelerated nicely up to speed and it's got enough bottom end power to take off from a dead stop, I've been playing with the clutch on this thing a lot recently so it feels more motorcycle like so I can take off without pedaling, it's nice, but after my ride this morning I decided to get my centrifugal clutch out of my "bike stash" box and install it. The installation is straight forward, but after I got the cover adapter on and was installing the clutch I noticed the bike wouldn't move... time to take things back apart and find out what's locking it up. Come to find out the 3 pins on the clutch are hitting the cover so for a trial fit I used washers between the cover and the engine case to see how much space I needed and tomorrow I'll make an aluminum spacer then reinstall the cover and check clearances again.
If I can get this to work the way I want it to I'll be able to do away with the clutch lever and just make up a neutral lock in case the bike needs to be pedaled.

Then later on today at the shop I was about 1/2 hour away from closing up and a customer pulls in and asks me if it's too late for me to do another alignment, I agreed to do the job before closing up shop and pulled his truck up on the rack. This guy noticed the bike parked in the shop and asked if he could go look at it and I said he could... He was practically drooling all over it and told me he built a few of these in the past and sells them. He's not in the forums so he never seen a clutch roller before or a centrifugal clutch so he was asking me about everything and I was answering his questions and decided to show him the Morini engine I got that I'm saving for the right project when he told me it should fit a Stingray frame pretty easily. I replied "yeah... if I can find one, that would be perfect" so he then tells me he has a stingray that he's not going to do anything with, it's a complete bike but needs some TLC, and then said he would sell it to me for $35. I told him I'd buy it and fix it up then add in the engine so hopefully he'll bring it by the shop in the next few days so I can work it on the slower days and on the weekends until I get it done.... so look for my next project... a Stingray with a Morini dual variated engine... and hopefully the 70cc kit as well.
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